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Frequently Asked Questions

No two client’s bodies are the exact same, so why should your workouts be? Drawing from our extensive personal training experience we have refined some of the most comprehensive fitness programs catering to our client’s specific needs. we specialize in fat loss and total body conditioning utilizing our multi-phase House of Gains nutrition diet and our proven exercise training systems.

Our systems are designed to give you quick results with zero plateaus! We utilize weights, body weight exercises, resistance bands, suspension and burst training in an ever evolving high intensity composition.

If you have been doing the same old workout for more than a few weeks, your results are already hibernating. Give House of Gains a try and we will get you back on track… fast. Nutritional guidance is included free of charge in all of our exercise programs. Our programs and meal plans are tailored to your needs and abilities.

What type of clients do you train?

We train everyone from professional athletes to anyone motivated enough to change the way they are living.

How much weight will I loose?

At house of gains we don’t focus on weight loss, We focus on health. Weight loss is a welcome by product of healthy living

Will I still be able to eat the things I like?

Of course you can! Anything in moderation can fit into a healthy lifestyle. It all comes down to monitoring your intake and staying active.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course you can! The first class is always free and if they sign up you get a referral rate!